28 December, 2012


I have stopped working due want to take PMR result , follow family balik kampung , attend daddy company annual dinner , etc ... NOW , I've done EVERYTHING * Muahahahaha * I'm waiting school reopen . I am so curious who will be my classmate next year and I can imagine I was sitting alone . Most of them taking account next year and I'm taking science class due I would like going to medic course after secondary school . Thanks god I've done well for my first step , I got 6A's 1B 1C in 2012 PMR . Thank you , I've jot down on my heart people those who helped me so much  * touched *

17th December . Yann and I went to setiawalk for movie ! We watched 我老公唔生性 , Not bad . I laughed due to her neighbour husband . The baby eat paper O_O wow? After movie we went out , I shaked like a monkey screaming softly * COLDDD ~~!! * Then we went home .

Will be continue , I think so ?

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