26 April, 2013



在上个星期六和朋友去Sunway 滑冰因为入场十块钱。很便宜 ... 的说。嗯
就在那一天早上每个人都在tesco对面集合 然后搭taxi到那里去。

然后某人的啊hem (喉咙好干)带我们去吃日本餐。还请了我们 啊哈哈哈 感谢。

刚好那一天朋友的朋友生日 所以大家都一起替他庆祝。(^ム^)

Birthday boy Calson Ong 在这里。

其实重点是想说蛋糕我也有份 (好好吃 哈哈。最后 生日快乐 (*¯︶¯*)

05 April, 2013


累了 自然会叫自己请假休息 。
继续坚强 为了活下去。除了自己 其实谁都没有了。

24 March, 2013


有好多话  感受得到  说不出来 。

08 January, 2013

06 January, 2013

28 December, 2012

Korean BBQ @ Setiawalk

19th December . After I took my result , Yann and I went out AGAIN , went Setiawalk AGAIN . I decided to belanja Yann eat Korean BBQ since I haven't give a try yet ! The designer & owner ( Korean guy :D ) and contractor of the shop went Tipsy and I served them before  *hehehehehehe* They always ordered mango juice /o\ Okay , PAST IS PAST .

So I choosed to eat upstairs because upstairs more privacy than downstairs , more fun too * WOW ? :D *

Yann with the floral background . Oh ya if you noticed , the wall full of arts !

The coffee so so only /o\

We can't even finish it . Oh godd . I spent hundred and fifteen ringgit for this meal and tax . 
One coke cost you 5ringgit * killed me badly * Arh , I should try the rice wine . FEELING REGRETS .

Never mind , I'll go there for second time and try the rice wine . Must be good combination with bbq or soup , I think so ? O_O So jio me if you want eat there , hehehe :b 


I have stopped working due want to take PMR result , follow family balik kampung , attend daddy company annual dinner , etc ... NOW , I've done EVERYTHING * Muahahahaha * I'm waiting school reopen . I am so curious who will be my classmate next year and I can imagine I was sitting alone . Most of them taking account next year and I'm taking science class due I would like going to medic course after secondary school . Thanks god I've done well for my first step , I got 6A's 1B 1C in 2012 PMR . Thank you , I've jot down on my heart people those who helped me so much  * touched *

17th December . Yann and I went to setiawalk for movie ! We watched 我老公唔生性 , Not bad . I laughed due to her neighbour husband . The baby eat paper O_O wow? After movie we went out , I shaked like a monkey screaming softly * COLDDD ~~!! * Then we went home .

Will be continue , I think so ?